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Access to high quality data is critical to every professional that is serious about quantitative analysis of financial markets. But it often comes at a substantial cost without matching specific needs. We put our efforts into providing affordable and tailored access to high quality market data. You choose just what you need for a reasonable cost. We do not overwhelm our customers with superfluous packages full of items they are not remotely interested in. Choose your ticker symbol along with the quotation date and the aggregation frequency you want. Visualize the data with our charting features before any purchase. Zoom in, zoom out and decide for yourself.
And if you plan to use our services extensively, feel free to contact our sales team for a full-access offer to minimize your costs. You can then focus on your further works with our data without worrying about high expenses.
Don't take our word for it! Open a free account now and avail yourself with fine-grained data.
Below are detailed descriptions of our services. Should you have any question please feel free to contact us. We would be thrilled to provide immediate assistance.

Asset Classes

We cover major US Indices and their components, most traded (volume-wise) ETFs and ETNs. We also cover some of the de-listed and continuously add newly-listed items. Visit our instruments page for an extensive look at our available items.
ETFExchange Traded Fund
ETNExchange Traded Note
IndexStock Exchange Index
StockCommon Stock

Data Fields

Last traded prices are provided for all available instruments. Bid/Ask prices and traded volume are included for tradable instruments. Bid/Ask prices are based on NBBO.


We price our data on a Date-Ticker-Frequency basis as stated on the table. Prices are for one instrument and one quotation date.
Different resolutions ranging from daily to as little as 3-second are available. EOD data is accessible free of charge. You can choose the aggregation frequency that suits your needs. You can also download free samples for each instrument.
1-second $0.50000
3-second $0.45000
5-second $0.40000
10-second $0.35000
15-second $0.30000
30-second $0.25000
1-minute $0.20000
5-minute $0.00000
10-minute $0.00000
15-minute $0.00000
30-minute $0.00000

Data Delivery

Whether you use basic applications or advanced analysis tools we provide links to download our data in different formats including CSV, JSON, BSON and XML.
We can also ship you a CD containing the data you ordered.
If you plan to use programmatical approaches we can assist you through our API Services. Our technical team will provide guidances pertaining to the integration of our API features with your applications. Feel free to contact us.